White paper
Today, perhaps, there is not a single sphere of life in which new information technologies would not participate.
We are ready to present to the WORLD A NEW BLOKCHAIN with a NEW ALGORITHM called ARROW.
The new algorithm is based on the random number generator, which will allow to avoid the proof of work and proof of stake.

The security of the algorithm will be 100%. To verify the blocks, we apply the "normal Gaussian distribution curve ("NGDC")".

Speed! Formation of a new unit and its verification takes less than 3 seconds.
How it works?

New blockchain?
The progress of code development
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Start Arrow development
Create and test the first level of offline generation.
Everything works! We tested the first level of block generation in the chain. Let's move on...
Create Block Explorer for MorozzzCoin
First closed beta - test ARROW
Our team
Voronin Dmitriy
Developer, Creater
Homer Manansala
Design Director
Alexandr Kovalev
Tereso Jocson
Admin in Discord Server
Christopher Ian Acoba
Moderator in Discord Server
Florencio Villanueva
Helper in Discord Server
Marilyn Nikka Patron
Helper in Discord Server